technology key

  • 技术关键

technology key的用法和样例:


  1. The paper introduced the flame retardant processing and its technology key of polyester and viscose midfibre blend wool-like fabric.
  2. In this technology, entering the electric tank brine mass is this technology key , it has important effect to ionic membrane life-span , slot voltage and current efficiency.
  3. The research, development situation and technology keys of the catalyst for preparing phthalic anhydride by oxidation of o -xylene were introduced.
  4. This article introduces the peculiarity and main use of Topcool fiber with the trial process of 50/50 brown cotton/Topcool 18.4 tex blended yarn explained, especially with the technological process flow and technological key points explored.
    介绍了Topcool纤维的特性和主要用途;以天然棕色彩棉与Topcool(50 /50) 18.;4tex混纺纱为例阐述了Topcool混纺纱的研制过程;重点介绍了工艺流程和各工序的工艺配置及技术要点。
  5. Technology is a booming sector of the economy.
  6. Talking about the technology key of installing guest room sanitary fixture
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