swap market

  • 外汇掉期市场

swap market的用法和样例:


  1. You are right. But we say swap market of foreign exchange is also one of them.
  2. Steelmakers could use the swap market to hedge the cost of iron ore, in a similar way to oil companies hedging the cost of crude for their refineries.
  3. The swap market in Hong Kong plays an important role in channelling funds. It is also a highly efficient indicator of confidence in the linked exchange rate.
  4. The flight of cash and stock out of the division occurred as spreads in the credit default swap market ballooned, but has since slowed to a trickle, these people said.
  5. As a result of offshore non-deliverable forwards market and the local swap market arbitrage between the narrow space, on the 6th trading, the dollar against the yuan spot market continues to fall.
  6. Densmore: The swap markets allow you to guarantee a price over a specific time frame: six months, a year, two years.
    登斯莫尔:市场的互换让您以保证价格具体时限: 6个月,一年,两年。

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