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  1. Sparre Andersen risk model is put forward based on the classic risk model by E.
    Sparre Andersen风险模型是由E.
  2. The classical risk model and the Sparre Andersen model are introduced in the second one.
    第二章介绍了经典风险模型及Sparre Andersen模型;
  3. This dissertation is devoted to the development of ruin theory in two kinds of Sparre Andersen risk models.
    在本学位论文致力于讨论两种Sparre Andersen风险模型的破产理论。 首先主要讨论了索赔时间间隔的分布为指数分布和Erlang(n)分布的混合的Sparre Andersen风险模型。
  4. For Sparre Andersen risk model, the discussion about it has been become more and more perfect.
  5. In Chapter 1, we consider a Sparre Andersen risk model in which the inter-claim times are the generalized Erlang(n) distribution.
    在第一章中,我们主要讨论了索赔时间间隔为广义Erlang(n)分布的Sparre Andersen风险模型。
  6. Each book is part of an ongoing plot.Everything in Droon is changing.Lord Sparr has disappeared.
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