span band type

  • 跨波段式

span band type的用法和样例:


  1. The band type aurora mainly appears during postnoon, while during evening and around midnight only appears at equatorward.
  2. Fascia bands type: removing the dysgenic dartos fascia band and moving up the penoscrotal spot and make a Y-V plasty.
  3. Among all of the21cases,the lesions of gray matter heterotopic which were bilateral in6cases,unilateral in17cases and multiple in6cases,were33including19lesions of nodular type,6le-sions of grand type and8lesions of band type.
    21例中,病变为双侧4例,单侧17例,多病灶6例,共见异位灰质病灶33个; 结节型病灶19个,板层型病灶6个,桥带型病灶8个;
  4. The network structure of rubbers is a predominant factor affecting rubber performance and the network structure is characterized mainly by the crosslink density and the crosslink band type.
  5. Immunostaining of type IV collagen and laminin in VH and VC displayed intact basement membrane, but presented non-continuous banding type in SCC.

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