solution of electroless-plating

  • 化学镀镀液

Solution of electroless-plating的用法和样例:


  1. Study of electroless plating for copper hohlraum fabrication[J].
    引用该论文 万小波;张林;周兰;肖江.
  2. It can obtain many functional coatings by means of electroless plating to meet with the need of electronic industry.
  3. Similar to the mechanism of electroless plating,electroless polymerization of aniline involves local and spontaneous electrochemical reactions on only substrate.
  4. Wood is one of the important regenerated natural resources.Good electroconductivity and decoration of metalized wood are realized by the method of electroless plating.
  5. Abstract: In this paper, some confusingphenomena of electroless plating of nickel on thecurrent domestic market are criticized and properpratcties with this new high technology aresuggested.
  6. The improved neural network is applied in study of the relationship between reaction parameters of electroless plating nickel in the process of the metallization of aluminum nitride and the adhesion strength between the metal layer and the substrate.

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