soluble phosphate

  • 可溶性磷酸盐

Soluble phosphate的用法和样例:


  1. The core materials consist of soluble phosphate binder,magnesium oxide hardener and high-purity silicon oxide as refractory aggregate materials.
  2. We extract citrate soluble phosphate from nitrophosphate fertilizer by EDTA solution and neutral ammonium citrate respectively then assay it.
  3. Bioleaching of soluble phosphate from phosphate rock with acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans mutated with microwave under existing of pyrites was investigated.
  4. It was shown that BAF can not continually remove considerable soluble phosphate because the removal rate of phosphate quickly achieves a maximum but then is soon reduced.
  5. Current advance in the transformation and utilization of sparingly soluble phosphate by microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) in calcareous soils was reviewed in this artice.
    本文论述了微生物( 细菌和真菌) 转化和利用石灰性土壤中难溶态磷的研究进展。
  6. Yong Fu Li, An Cheng Luo, Xing Hua Wei, Xu Guo Yao.Genotypic variation in P acquisition from sparingly soluble phosphate: contributions of root morphology, root P uptake kinetics.

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