soluble p-selectin

  • 可溶性P-选择素

soluble P-selectin的用法和样例:


  1. Objective To study in vitro ICAM 1 and P selectin expressions of endothelial cells treated with sera from intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP).
    目的 探讨妊娠肝内胆汁淤积症 (ICP)患者血清对脐带静脉内皮细胞间粘附分子 - 1(ICAM- 1)、选择素 - P(p- selectin)表达的影响。
  2. The expressions of ICAM 1 and P selectin on HUVEC increased when the concentration and action time of sera from women with ICP in the normal pregnancy increased ( P <0.05).
    (2 )经 ICP患者血清刺激后 ;随着血清量的增加、作用时间的延长 ;ICAM- 1的表达逐渐增强 (P<0 .;0 5 );而 P- selectin的表达与作用时间无关 (P>0
  3. Soluble P 2O 5 in the CTSP product were decreased with the increase of impurities in phosphoric acid and phosphate rock.
  4. Objective:To investigate the plasma concentration of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and P selectin and P selectin in patients with congestive heart failure(CHF),and explore the possibly link between VEGF and platelet activation.
    目的 :了解充血性心力衰竭 (CHF)患者血浆血管内皮生长因子 (VEGF)及P选择素的水平 ,并探讨VEGF与血小板激活可能的联系。
  5. The expressions of ICAM 1 of P selectin on the HUVEC surface after stimulation with sera from women with ICP were higher than those of without stimulation in normal pregnancy ( P <0.05).
    经 ICP患者血清刺激后 ICAM- 1和 P- selectin的表达与未刺激时相比有差异。 (P<0 .;0 5 )。
  6. Effects of the quality of the phosphoric acid and phosphate rock on soluble P 2O 5 in the slurry rout CTSP product were analyzed, and measures to increase the soluble P 2O 5 were proposed.

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