soluble oil emulsion

  • 溶性油质乳胶

soluble oil emulsion的用法和样例:


  1. EMASOL 520B is an emulsifier system designed for use in formulation emulsion and micro-emulsion type soluble oil with paraffin base oils.
    EMASOL 520B系特为以石蜡基础油制作太古油或微乳液型溶水油而设之套装配方添加剂,建议适用剂量在15-45%25。
  2. It may have functional assistant, diluent or carrier added to compound into oil emulsion, soluble liquid, super low capacity sprayed agent, water emulsion, microemulsion or other preparation forms.
  3. In orde to anid the dry of the surface during working, the left paint should add some of turpetine or 200# soluble oil in the paint surface.
  4. Abstract: Objective To study the inhibition effect of brucea javanica oil emulsion on bladder carcinoma.
    摘 要: 目的 探讨鸦胆子油乳注射液(简称鸦油乳)抑制膀胱癌的作用机制。
  5. If arsenate of lead, arsenic calcium, sodium fluoride and mineral oil emulsion, and so on.

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