soluble hla class i molecules

  • 可溶性HLA-Ⅰ类分子

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  1. HLA class I molecules
  2. The expression of HLA I related genes was significantly correlated with HLA class I complex expression (p<0.05).
    用spearman等级相关分析;HLA I类复合物和相关基因的表达有显著相关性(p<0.;05)。
  3. Among the three kinds of donar PTG tissues, there were no clear difference in the amount of HLA Class I(ABC)antigen.
  4. HBV infected PBL may be one of important factors responsible for affecting the HLA class I antigen expression on PBL in the patients with CHB.
    HBV感染PBL可能是慢性乙型肝炎患者外周血淋巴细胞HLA I类抗原表达降低的重要影响因素之一。
  5. The antigenic peptides derived from CT antigens such as MAGE-1[7], MAGE-3[8] and NY-ESO-1[9] have been proven to be elicit CTL responses in the context of MHC class I molecules.
    因此,CT抗原无疑是肿瘤免疫治疗的理想靶标。 迄今为止,实验已经证实,来源于多种CT抗原(如MAGE-1,MAGE-3、NY-ESO-1)的抗原肽能够在体外有效地激发特异性的CTL反应。

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