soluble glutathione s-transferase

  • 可溶性谷胱甘肽S-转移酶

soluble glutathione S-transferase的用法和样例:


  1. Objective To investigate the distribution of glutathione S transferase P1( GSTP1 ) genetic polymorphisms in cantonese of Guangdong province.
    目的 了解谷胱甘肽 S 转移酶P1(GSTP1)基因多态性在广东省部分地区健康人群中的分布规律。
  2. Objective To construct recombinant BCG vaccine bearing Schistosoma japonicum 26Ku glutathione S transferase (Sj26GST) gene and determine its immunogenicity on BALB/c mice.
    目的 构建含日本血吸虫相对分子质量为 2 6 0 0 0的抗原 (Sj2 6GST)基因的重组卡介菌(rBCG)疫苗 ,观察其对BALB/c小鼠的免疫保护作用。
  3. Objective To investigate the association of susceptibility to gastric cancer with gene polymorphism of metabolic enzymes cytochrome P450 2E1(CYP 2E1) and glutathione S transferase M1(GST M1).
    目的 探讨代谢酶细胞色素P450 2E1(CYP2E1)和谷胱甘肽转硫酶M1(GSTM1) 基因多态性与胃癌的关系。
  4. Objective To observe the histopathological change and the expression of glutathione S transferase of placental type(GST P) in Aflatoxin B 1(AFB 1) induced rat hepatic putative preneoplastic lesions alleviated by lithium carbonate(Li 2CO 3).
    目的观察碳酸锂 (Li2 CO3)对抗黄曲霉毒素B1(AFB1)诱发的大鼠肝癌前病变的组织形态学变化及胎盘型谷胱甘肽硫转移酶 (GST P)的表达。 方法采用肝癌发生的动物模型。
  5. The concentration of intracellular ADM was detected by spectroflu orometry. With MCF 7/ADM cells treated with As 2O 3 in combination with ADM, the glutathione s transferase (GST) activity was measured by biochemical metho d.
    以荧光分光光度计测定细胞内药物浓度的改变 ,明确As2 O3 对MCF 7/ADM的逆转作用。
  6. glutathione S transferase M1 ( GSTM1 )

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