soluble e-selectin

  • 可溶性E-选择素

Soluble E-selectin的用法和样例:


  1. Objective :We studied the effect of miltiorrhizae on the change of the concentration of E selectin in plasm of rat lung model of edema.
  2. After pretreatment of anti ICAM 1 and E selectin monoclonal antibody, serum LDH and LAT levels decreased significantly; KBR and ATP content of liver increased.
    抗ICAM 1及E selectin单抗预处理可使急性胆管炎大鼠血浆LDH ,ALT水平明显降低 ,KBR及肝组织ATP含量升高。
  3. As compared with the normal group, serum CK and TnT level, and MPO concentration in myocardial tissue were significantly higher in the model group (P<0.01), with P and E selectin significantly up regulated (P<0.01).
    模型组与正常对照组比较 ;血清CK、TnT浓度、心肌组织MPO浓度有明显升高 (P <0 0 1 ) ;P 选择素、E 选择素的表达明显上调 (P <0 0 1 ) ;
  4. Methods :the rat lung model of edema was prepared by being exposed to chlorine gas.double antibody sandwich quantitative ELISA method was used to measure the concentration of E selectin.
  5. Results :the plasma concentration of E selectin in rat exposured to chlorine gas were increased significantly in lung edema group,but that were decreased by 50% in miltiorrhizae gro...
  6. Soluble E - selectin

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