solow residual method

  • 索洛余值法

Solow residual method的用法和样例:


  1. Total Factor of Productivity(TFP)which is a “Solow Residual ”of the aggregate production function, reflects not only the technology level but also the institution of one economy.
    全要素生产率(又称“索洛余数”,英文Total Factor of Productivity, 简称TFP)来自于总量生产函数,它不单反映一国的技术水平,还反映制度状况。
  2. By establishing the differential equations of each subdomain and the joint conditions within each domain and applying the weighted residual method, the combinations can be solved.
  3. Based on an established stochastic weighted residual method formulation, stochastic buckling of a cylinderic shell is discussed.
  4. The algebraic equation from the dual boundary integral equations(DBIE) was solved using the generalized minimum residual method(GMRES).
  5. For us getting a good understand of this method, the basic math method of finite element is introduced such as variation principle, Ritz method and weighted residual method.

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