solid-state laser material

  • 固态激光材料

solid-state laser material的用法和样例:


  1. Sr_3Ga_2Ge_4O_(14) (Nd: SGG) is a potential laser crystal for fabrication of high performance solid state laser.
    Sr3Ga2Ge4O14 (Nd:SGG)晶体是高峰值、短脉冲和高频率固态激光器用潜在的激光晶体材料;
  2. Study on a Continuous Wave High Power Solid State Laser with a VRM Output Coupler[J].
    引用该论文 夏文建;李正佳;朱长虹;应花山;丘军林.
  3. In the paper the feature, character and applications of short pulsed solid state laser are introduced.
  4. Some important questions on the diode pumped solid state laser (DPL) have been studied in this paper.
  5. It is shown that this technology is preferable to selecting SLM in diode pumped solid state laser with mid-lower output power.
  6. Laser diode(LD) thermal management technology is a bottleneck to engineering application of high power Diode Pumped Solid State Laser(DPL).The principle of DPL was introduced.
    摘要 大功率DPL泵浦源LD的热管理技术是制约二极管泵浦固体激光器工程应用的瓶颈之一。

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