solid-phase dna synthesis

  • 固相DNA合成

solid-phase DNA synthesis的用法和样例:


  1. Caruthers's method, known as solid phase phosphoramidite chemistry, is still the basis of most commercial DNA synthesis.
  2. The results showed that both IL- 6 and RA might act on S phase and inhibit DNA Synthesis of HCC cells.
  3. A solid or solid phase separated from a solution.
  4. MeHg may decrease cell percentage in S phase, inhibit the DNA synthesis and make cell block in G 2 phase.
    不同剂量的甲基汞可以引起 S时相细胞百分数减少 ,DNA合成受到抑制 ,并出现 G2 期细胞阻滞
  5. S is DNA synthesis phase and G2 is DNA synthesis anaphase in which tubulin is synthesized mostly and the synthesis of RNA and histone decreases.
    G2 期为DNA 合成后期,主要合成微管蛋白等,RNA 和组蛋白合成减少。
  6. Solid phase organic synthesis and combinatorial chemistry are novel methods developed in recent years to synthesize a lot of organic compounds quickly.

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