solid-phase competition elisa

  • 固相竞争ELISA

solid-phase competition ELISA的用法和样例:


  1. Serum NSE was measured by solid phase ethanol immunoadsorption and serum IL-6, by double antibody ELISA.
    以固相醇联免疫吸附法 (SPEIA)测定血清 NSE水平 ,以双抗体夹心 EL ISA法测定血清 IL- 6水平。
  2. The standard curve for detection of human CIC was made by guinea pig Clq and varing concentration of AHG under suitable conditions in solid phase Clq ELISA.
  3. A solid or solid phase separated from a solution.
  4. To investigate the serum concentration of soluble Fas(sFas) in patients with Graves? disease(GD), serum sFas was determined by solid phase sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA) in 58 patients with GD.
    为探讨Graves病 (GD)患者血清可溶性凋亡相关蛋白Fas(sFas)的水平及临床意义 ,应用固相ELISA法检测了 5 8例GD患者和 2 2名正常对照组血清sFas含量。
  5. Most common substances exist in the solid phase at low temperatures.
  6. Using mAb F3 as target, a 12-mer phage peptide library was bio-panned for 3 rounds, and the phages eluted from 3rd panning were characterized by sandwich ELISA, competition ELISA and DNA sequencing.

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