solid-liquid two-phase fluid

  • 液-固两相流

solid-liquid two-phase fluid的用法和样例:


  1. The analytical methods for gas liquid two phase transient flow were generalized.Different kinds of methods for studying fluid structure interaction were introd...
  2. Intermittent flow is a very important flow pattern in actual gas - liquid two phase flow in horizontal wellbore.
  3. In this paper,by means of application of hydro simulating method of two phase fluid,effect of runer structure on drag collection was discussed.
  4. Experiments show that ESM is a reliable technique in the measurement of gas liquid two phase flow, and the average error was about 5%, the best results ever reached was 3%.
    在实验范围内 ,流量的平均测量误差小于 5%25 ,最好的结果可以达到 3%25
  5. It is it make whom liquid exist small to suspend material (paper pulp fibre ) separate out to the maximum extent to suitable for, purpose to realize firm , liquid two phase and separate .
  6. Finite element simulation of temperature field, stress field, molten pool flow field and gas/powder two phase fluid field in laser cladding forming process was summarized and analysed.

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