solid flame radiation model

  • 固体火焰辐射模型

solid flame radiation model的用法和样例:


  1. The effect of combustor pressure on soot concentrati on and flame radiation was investigated in a small model gas turbine combustor with an air-blast atomizer.
  2. Differential radiation and common radiation model.
  3. For different combustors, the suitable spary angle can play a role in decreasing the flame radiation.
    对于不同的燃烧室,选取恰当的喷雾锥角,可以起到减少燃气辐射 的作用。
  4. EBU-Arrhenius combustion model is used to determine the rate of reaction and six-flux radiation model is used to predict the distributions of the heat flux.
    采用 EBU-Arrhenius 紊流燃烧模型来预估燃烧化学反应速率;
  5. Using the horizontal diffuse solar radiation model, simulated by routine meteorological observation data, influences of sky factors on the diffuse solar radiation are considered.

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