solid edge install data library

  • 安装类型库

Solid Edge Install Data Library的用法和样例:


  1. The present paper reviews the development of this technology in two aspects: solid edge dam and electromagnetic edge dam(EMD),and analyzes their advantages and drawbacks as well.
  2. The ability to read/write and communicate both in Man-darin and English Familiar with Solid Edge,AutoCad,MS Office,Lotus Notes prefer Inter-personal skills.
    熟练使用英语和汉语,英文听、说流利为佳。熟练使用Solid Edge,CAD等绘图软件,熟练操作 MS Of-fice,Lotus Notes者优先。
  3. The data model about management and application of machine tool based on Erwin software is built. A method to achieve physical data library is given.
    利用Erwin软件对加工中心刀具管理与应用进行了数据建模 ,给出了获得物理数据库的方法
  4. Visit SCR's data library to review SCR's network configuration and then send Jesse a recommendation for the TIMS system architecture.
  5. MDAC is a visit and service data library provides technical support, receive the database, support that data feedback gives client end wait to need it remotely repeatedly.
    MDAC 为访问并使用数据库提供技术支持;远程连接到数据库.;将数据反馈给客户端等都需要它的支持。

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