separation rate

  • 离职率,分离率,解雇率

separation rate的用法和样例:


  1. The East Pacific Rise, west of South America, has a high separation rate but no axial rift.
  2. The increase of straw briquette density restrained to a certain extent the separation rate of the volatile components.
  3. The effects of emulsifier, hydrocolloid and salt on the precipitation rate, fat separation rate and viscosity of milk tea were studied.
  4. Results:Separation rate was high in direct method,SPA method and Biotin Avidin method,but direct method was the best and its specifity and sensitivity were verified.
  5. The separation rate of pathogenic bacteria in lower airway infection in the RICU was 75%. 85% of them were gram negative bacilli, 4.6% were gram positive cocci.
  6. Under the assumption that the separation rate q of successive occurrence of fatigue cracks in a fleet is less than 1,the paper eslablishes an improved DTR algorithm and verifies it with an example.
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