sakisaka masao

  • 向坂正男(1915-),日本人,能源专家。

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  1. Abstract: This essay contains a brief introduction and analysis of Masao' Abe's theory on interfaith dialogue.
    文章快照: 李宜静(1978一),女,山西太原人,现为香港中文大学文化与宗教学研究系博士候选人,目前主要研究方向为佛教思想史以及当代的耶佛对话。
  2. Koro Shishido, Masao Sugiura, and Tetsuo Shoji,“Aspect of glass softening by master mold,” Proceedings of SPIE, v. 2536, pp. 421-433, 1995.
  3. Abstract: Masao Maruyama Western modernization theory, what is the modern expression, and there is no context in the West caused by the two.
  4. This is the question I want to ask myself most after I watched the photos showing how Japanese frottage artist, Masao Okabe, did frottage.
  5. This song is a Taiwanese version of the Japanese Enka, a genre of the Japanese popular song, of which Masao Koga was a master composer.
    原作曲者古贺政男为1930年代日本著名演歌作曲家, 擅长使用吉他谱曲。

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