said over

  • v. 背诵

said over的用法和样例:


  1. Or that a man in anger, is as wise as he that hath said over the four and twenty letters; or that a musket may be shot off as well upon the arm, as upon a rest; and such other fond and high imaginations, to think himself all in all.
    或者以为一个在发怒中的人和一个默数过二十四个字母的人一般地聪明; 或者以为一枝旧式毛瑟枪,托在臂上放和托在架上放一样地得力; 他可以有许多类此的愚蠢骄傲的妄想,以为自己一身就很够了。
  2. The police said over 100,000 people had taken part in the demonstration.

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