• 减寿年数



  1. To analyze the effects of PYLL, DALY and HeaLY on study of burden of diseases.
  2. PYLL fall injury 38.5 years, environment accident 38.3 years, homicide 30.3 years, all injury 35.5 years.
  3. Objective To study potential years of life lost (PYLL), direct burden of economy and the potential lost of economy (PLE) of dead cases by injury in Lanzhou.
  4. The age-specified PYLL per 1,000 graphics shows that except the infant group, the group between 40 and 45 years of age constitute anotherpeak.
    (6)年龄组别的每千人潜在寿命损失(potential years of life lost, PYLL) 图表明除婴儿组外,40~45岁年龄组出现了又一高峰。
  5. Methods: Based on the data from the stroke surveillance base for Hanzhong rural population, standard formulas were used to calculate PYLL, DALY and HeaLY.
    方法; 以汉中市农村脑卒中监测基地为基础,采用标准的计算方法,计算PYLL,DALY和HeaLY。
  6. Methods The basic line investigation materials of chronic diseases and vital statistic materials were conventionally analyzed. Moreover, the death materials of chronic diseases were analyzed by PYLL and DALY analysis.
    方法 对昆山市 1999年慢性病基线调查资料与生命统计资料进行常规统计分析 ,对慢性病死亡情况进行PYLL及DALY分析。
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