practical mode

  • 实践模式

practical mode的用法和样例:


  1. Eco-industrial parks (EIPs) were practical mode of circular economy at the regional level.They were also the direction and trend of parks, sustainable development.
  2. The main body of practice must escalate its own ability and quality, which matches the new practical mode.
  3. The innate defects of the sustainable development theory lie in the falseness of its argument basis and the vagueness of its practical mode, which result from the capital relations.
  4. Load forecast in DDSS is mostly used in analyzing the system security and economy, hi this system, two modes are considered, i.e. the practical mode and the simulated mode.
    在这种模式下,需要对当前实际运行方式进行修改,或者说是系统需要改变运行方式,此时需要仿真模拟新运行方式下系统各元件状态及负荷值,并对该新运行方式进行分析以确定它是否安全与经济,同时给出该运行方式的几个优化方案。 分析研究态还包括对未来负荷水平下的系统进行安全评估。
  5. This needs to learn vocational schools and businesses in the practice mode of education.
  6. Recycling economy is a new practice mode to impel sustainable development of international community in the 21st century.
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