practical links

  • 实践性环节

practical links的用法和样例:


  1. Adopting new ideas is the base of improving practical links teaching while elaborated design and organization of class is the key to practical teaching.
  2. The article expounds the necessity of strengthening the practical link in the teaching course of clothing design from the aspects of the feature of the course, the market req...
  3. Fieldwork cognition is an important teaching manner of connecting theory with practice as well as a major practical link of teaching plans.
  4. Therefore,need explore and practise teaching material construction,teaching content,teaching method and practice link so as to meet the requiremen...
  5. Every day trains very much assiduously, more than 5 hours practice uninterruptedly, she said that the physiological load of exercise was too big, practices links the artificial limb to break.
  6. The Practical Link of "Chinese Curriculum and Teaching Methodology"
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