polymer gel

  • 聚合物凝胶

polymer gel的用法和样例:


  1. The results show the polymer gel has good cooperation with microorganism germ.
  2. The high contrast ratio originates from the combination of light scattering from the microdomain polymer gel and absorption from the black dyes.
  3. RESULTS:The diffusive rate of diclofenac sodium from the two kinds of hydrophilic polymer gel was higher than that of diclofenac acid.
  4. The advantages and differences of CDG treatments from polymer flood and polymer gel profile modification are pointed out.
  5. In the present paper, polymer gel composite electrolyte films based on the P(VDF HFP)/Al 2O 3 were prepared by solution casting and electrolyte absorption.
    采用溶液浇注和电解液吸收的方法制得了P(VDF HFP) /Al2 O3 基聚合物凝胶电解质薄膜。
  6. The review gives the concepts of polymer gel dosimetry used for medicine, including principles, manufacture, characteristics, imaging, calibration method, and medical application.
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