phosphate mine

  • 磷矿山

phosphate mine的用法和样例:


  1. An indepth research on location of footwall drawing points in Fanshan Phosphate Mine is made on the basis of ore-drawing cxpectcncy theory.
  2. Main technology characteristic of common smooth-faced blasing and its aplication in laneway construction in Wengan Phosphate Mine are introduced.
  3. Xinpu Phosphate Mine, medium and small-sized, features Complicated hydrogeological conditions and marine sludge and heaving sand menacing underground operation.
  4. Design method and basic principle for ABB elevator master control program is analysed taking Fanshan phosphate Mine auxiliary shaft elevator as an example.
  5. Because of its low cost, high space utilization ratio,reliable equipment running, easy operation and good work environment, the rack type of ground concentrate bin is adopted in the mineral processing plant of Wengfu Phosphate Mine.
  6. Some transformations have been made for 4m hoister in Jinping Phosphate Mine, including reel repairation, steel cable feplacement, ax1e bush repairation, skip and deepth indicator transformation and rub belt of contracting brake replacement,ect.
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