party flag

  • 党旗

party flag的用法和样例:


  1. Be born in the party in 79 anniversary day, we cordial odic, give bright red party flag.
  2. We have sworn solemnly under the party flag that we will work for Communism all our lives.
  3. Marx, Lenin and portraits of representation, the General Assembly, Logo, the rostrum of the party flag and the walls are as is放着.
  4. Taking a line form Che Guevara, who was the most popular symbol besides the party flag at the gathering “The present is a time for struggle;the future is ours.
    当然,不难发现占德拉提出的“药方” ,有着明显的改良主义倾向,还有一种偏离经济基础(其实并不完全),倒向社会上层建筑精神层面,显然是不够全面也不够具体的。
  5. When new Party member makes a pledge, face party flag, lift right hand make a fist to cross a shoulder, the sound of read out oath wants sonorous, infuriation.
  6. Without a kind of any characters or language, can resemble party flag in that way the earth's surface of dripping wet of merry and lively is amounting to the to the party devoir in our heart.
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