oxygen delivery

  • 氧输送

oxygen delivery的用法和样例:


  1. As other medications, prescription of oxygen therapy should include flow, duration, oxygen delivery devices, and so on.
  2. Hayes MA,Timmins AG,Yan HS,et al.Elevation of sysfemic oxygen delivery in the treatment of critically ill patients[J].N Engle J Med,1994;330:1717.
  3. Eg.18 One of the fundamental assumptions in the study of shock has been that the problem centers about impaired oxygen delivery and utilization in the mitochondrium.
  4. Vigilance monitor (Edwards, USA) was employed to monitor perioperative S v O_2, oxygen delivery (DO_2), oxygen consumption (VO_2), oxygen extraction rate (ERO_2) and body temperature, cardiac output (CO), and mean arterial blood pressure (MAP).
  5. Objective To explore the changes of hemodynamics and oxygen delivery(DO 2) by transesophageal echo Doppler during acute hypervolemic hemodilution(HHD) with 6% hydroxyethel starch(HES).
    目的 应用经食管超声多普勒血液动力学监测仪 ,观察全麻下急性高容量血液稀释(HHD)的血液动力学和氧供 (DO2 )变化。
  6. The team suggests that homocysteine may have effects on brain structure and function or lead to subtle damage to the placental vasculature that compromises oxygen delivery to the fetus.

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