normal steel

  • 正常结构钢

normal steel的用法和样例:


  1. Investment castings: normal steel and stainless steel mechanical parts and pipes; Cast iron Pulleys; Cast steel wheels; Sand Cast Aluminum parts.
  2. One kind of CFRP bars produced in China is used to replace normal steel reinforcing bars in unbonded prestressed concrete beams and the corresponding anchorage devices are developed at the same time.
    采用国内生产的碳纤维塑料筋作为预应力钢筋制成了无粘结预应力混凝土梁 ,并开发了相应的预应力锚具。
  3. Being compared with the normalized steel,the quenched and tempered steel can led to a joint with higher strength and toughness.
  4. The fracture surface of the normalized steel 55SiMnMo was observed, under tensile testing device equipped on SEM, to be of ductile dimple feature in the bainite which are composed of austenite and ferrite.
  5. The computer has a normal qwerty keyboard.
  6. The situation has returned to normal in the city.
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