normal space

  • 正规空间

normal space的用法和样例:


  1. In this paper we gave a condition of sacffition on the monotonically normal space whichis acyclic monotonically normal space.
  2. The Salamanders follow normal Space Marine tactical and strategic dogma, with a slight variation to compensate for their own physical and mental traits.
  3. These cells reconstruct the receptors and glands with their normal spacing.
  4. It is proved, under MA+CH, that the inverse image of a normal space under a two to one closed mapping is not necessarily normal and that each topological space with a strictly positive regular finite Borel measure has calibre 1.
    在MA+7CH下证明了:1.;正规空间在有限到一闭映射下的逆象未必正规; 2
  5. UNSC CENTCOM had sent nukes, launched from Slipspace, but plutonium emitted an aura of Cherenkov radiation upon reentering normal space, making all the stealth coatings and lead linings useless.
  6. The basic principles of formation of three-dimensional(3D) periodic microstructures by interference of four noncoplanar beams are explained in both the normal space and the reciprocal space.
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