normal side

  • 法向边

normal side的用法和样例:


  1. Human character has two sides, and everyone has his normal side and seamy side.
  2. Shadow Court, kaleidoscope of life, but not on the normal side ordinary things. . .
  3. We examine the BMD of hip(normal side in the case and the left side in the control)and their bone mineral density were measured with Norland-XR36DEXA.
    所有受试对象均应用美国Norland 公司的XR-36 型双能X 线骨密度仪[Dual-energy X-rays absorptiometry bone(DEXA) densitometry]测定其髋部BMD(骨折组测其健侧,对照组测均取其左侧)。
  4. Conclusion It may not be absolutely necessary to fix the normal side testicle during the operation of testicular torsion.
  5. In normal side position piece on can see, lumbar has forward physiology bulgy, di vertebra has backward physiology bulgy.
  6. Methods Inserted a catheter from the femoral artery of the normal side into the internal iliac artery of the opposite side and furthermore inturn into the target vessel.
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