normal period

  • 正常时期,标准周期

normal period的用法和样例:


  1. In normal period of political quietude he would have been a beloved president.
  2. Normal period of light/dark benefited development of gametes.Light profited to development of male gamete.
  3. The most extreme case, to making funds Lianduanlie financing, high interest rates have further Ganna, higher interest rates than normal period of times.
  4. CASE REPORTS The B mode ultrasound of vaginal and urinary LH test was used on 90 cases of infertile women with normal period,and the value of them to the monitoring of ovulation were compared.
  5. When a seafarer is on call, such as when a machinery space is unattended, the seafarer shall have an adequate compensatory rest period if the normal period of rest is disturbed by call-outs to work.
  6. Skipping breakfast extends the normal period of nocturnal fasting and depresses glucose levels, which the group thinks could be interpreted by the body as indicative of hard times.

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