normal dose

  • 正常量

normal dose的用法和样例:


  1. At normal dose the repeated application of these herbicides each year should not lead to a build up of residues.
  2. Insulin resistance occurs when a normal dose of the hormone becomes incapable of eliciting those responses.
  3. Cut the dosage of hormone replacement estrogen immediately to 1/2 of your normal dose while taking progesterone.
  4. Everybody was decompensate, without ALT level must be treated, and you should given the kidney function, if the kidney function is normal, normal dose of the anti-viral drugs.
  5. Results: CAG treatment had a higher CR rate, a shorter BM restranint, a lower early death and a milder infection or bleeding after therapy than normal dose or decreased dose treatment.
  6. When he rides, he can sometimes go all day without taking any insulin other than his normal dose of long-acting basal insulin (Lantus), and yet his blood sugars stay good all day long.
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