normal birth

  • 正常分娩

normal birth的用法和样例:


  1. Conclusion GFR of adult individuals with a low birth weight is in the normal range, but is lower than that of those with a normal birth weight.
    结论 低出生体重者在儿童期以后虽然肾小球滤过率在正常范围,但已比正常出生体重者有降低。
  2. The rate of BV was significantly lower in women gave normal birth than that of women gave PTB(9 09%vs 26 92%,P<0 05),and that of women had PROM(9 09%vs 22 81%,P<0 05).
    早产组及胎膜早破组BV发生率分别为 2 6 92%25和 2 2 81%25 ;均明显高于正常孕妇组 (9 0 9%25 ) ;差异有显著性 (P <0 0 5 )。
  3. The computer has a normal qwerty keyboard.
  4. The situation has returned to normal in the city.
  5. The normal return fare to New York is fifty-six.
  6. Everything is absolutely normal.
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