normal age

  • 正常年龄

normal age的用法和样例:


  1. He's thinking of retiring from his post several years before the normal age of retirement.
  2. Marjorie:You're so old fashioned. That's the normal age for marriage these days.
  3. Other societies such as East Asians and Amerindians, retain the typical mammalian genotype in which the body shuts down lactase production shortly after the normal age of weaning.
  4. Conclusion: The BW of CLP infants were lower than those of normal age cohorts in all growing period, and descending degree of BW was concerned with type of chilopalatognathus.
    结论: 唇腭裂婴幼儿患者的体重在各生长期均比正常对照组明显偏低,体重下降程度与唇腭裂畸形类型有一定的关系。
  5. But the interviewers don't think so,they discredit the unmarried women above the normal age have mentality defects, although they are turly bright people.
  6. If the normal age range between both was less than 0.5 year (including 0.5), the numbers of such cases decreased to 190 cases, which accounted for 22.9% (190/829) and 25.6% (190/742), respectively.
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