no-shift method

  • 不换手法(接力)

no-shift method的用法和样例:


  1. Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev has told Serbian leaders there will be no shift in his country's support for Serb sovereignty over Kosovo.
  2. Kinetics of crystallization of bulk Pd 77.5 Cu 6Si 16.5 amorphous alloys was analysed by John Mehl Avrami equation with non isothermal crystallization and Kissinger peak shift method.
    应用变温条件下的JMA方程和Kissinger方程研究块体Pd77.;5Cu6 Si1 6
  3. The system of the solar tower and two-channel solar magnetograph at the Crimean Observatory in USSR is introduced in this paper. The system is used to study solar oscillations by means of the spctral Doppler shift method.
  4. Laser range finders are often based on the phase shift method, a technique for measuring distances in the following way.A laser beam with sinusoidally modulated optical power is sent to a target.
  5. No detergent can shift these stains.
  6. Phase Shift Method Appliation in SSB Signal

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