no competitive

  • 无竞争能力的

no competitive的用法和样例:


  1. Your products has no competitive capacity in our market.
  2. While no competitive skater has ever been killed in a fall, the fear of falling can kill a career.
  3. The theme was to make GE more of a service company and to get out of businesses in which the company had no competitive advantage.
    目 的 是 为 了 使 通 用 电 气 公 司 成 为 一 个 服 务 公 司 , 并 摆 脱 公 司 不 占 竞 争 优 势 的 业 务 项 目 。
  4. Before denationalization, BTMC had a near-monopoly within the country's yarn and fabric market, with no competitive yarn sources.
  5. In the postwar era, the dollar would be anchored to gold, and other currencies would be anchored to the dollar: No more fluctuating money, ergo no competitive devaluation.
  6. Sometimes really confused and aimless.How we could find such customers while we have no quality products, no competitive price, no characteristical products, no prompt leadtime?

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