measurement way

  • 测量方法

measurement way的用法和样例:


  1. Because of the moving of target and the speedy changing of receiving light power, traditional phase distance measurement way is not adoptable again under the circumstances.
  2. To improve the drill's measurement way in China, this paper study the technology of developing the drill's AOI system which is based on image measurement technology.
  3. Not so from Wenger when he addressed his team in his normal, measured way at half-time at Highbury.
  4. The worst year in financial markets since the Great Depression, 2008 was aberrational in almost every measurable way.
  5. A new measuring way different from the traditional deducting method for the angle of blade pitch was proposed based on high-speed camera and image processing.
  6. Because simulated worlds behave -- in a tiny but measurable way -- similarly to worlds of living organisms, the ones that survive will grow in complexity and value.
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