m odified m ode

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  1. The other L V systolic param eters,such as E F, F S, S V, C O and C Iw ere also m easured by M m ode echocardiography.
    同时测定 E F, F S, S V, C O 及 C I等 M 型超声心动图左室收缩功能参数。
  2. PMWCNTs and Carbopack B m odified with 5%(w/w) Carbowax 20M were also used as gas chromatographic col umn packing materials to separate ketones, ethers, esters, alcohols and organic acids for comparison of their separation properties.
    分别在PMWCNTs和CarbopackB上涂渍 5%25 (w/w)的Carbowax 2 0M ;填装成气相色谱填充柱后 ;比较它们分离醇、酮、醚、酯、有机酸类的性能 .
  3. Just think:If every em ployee could give us m erely half of his or her life savings,w e w ould be on the road to a“solution m ode”!
  4. Furthermore,the current transmission switch operation used to realize threshold-controlling circuit was established,and used to instruct the switch level design of current- m ode CMOS Schmitt circuit.
    建立实现阈值控制电路的电流传输开关运算 ;并用于指导电流型 CMOS施密特电路的开关级设计 .
  5. 2 T he data m ode l ex tens ionm echan ism of A rcG IS 8.
    标题: 图2 A rcG IS 8.;X的空间数据模型扩展机制 F ig

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