lethal damage

  • [化] 致死损伤

lethal damage的用法和样例:


  1. Even though an indestructible creature isn't destroyed by lethal damage, that definition is still used for things like assigning trample damage.
  2. Orders to capture or subdue enemies cause the topiary guardian to use nonlethal attacks; any other attack order causes the creature to deal lethal damage.
  3. If a creature with trample is attacking a planeswalker and is blocked, the attacker must assign lethal damage to each blocker, and may assign excess damage to the planeswalker.
  4. There were peroxidative adaptive responses to non lethal damage of high concentration H 2O 2 in both cellular viability and DNA strand break levels; but adaptive models (conditions) between the two levels were different.
  5. If Charnelhoard Wurm is dealt lethal damage at the same time it deals damage to an opponent, Charnelhoard Worm will be in your graveyard by the time you put its ability on the stack.
  6. MDA content and membrane permeability rose steadily under the increasing stress.The extents of increase in both of them, however, were not too high to cause a lethal damage to Tamarix ramosissima.

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