latent syphilis

  • 潜伏梅毒

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  1. DISCUSSION The cases of congenital syphilis and latent syphilis is increasing annually, so the serum test should be listed as regular check-up item.
  2. Both TPHA and RPR test titers in secondary syphilis were significantly higher than those in primary syphilis and latent syphilis.
  3. Abstract: Objective To observe the effect of T lymphocyte subset in patients with latent syphilis(LS)on the efficacy of Benzathine penicillin G.
    [摘 要] 目的 观察隐性梅毒患者外周血T淋巴细胞亚群对苄星青霉素G驱梅疗效的影响。
  4. No statistical difference of t he immunophenotype distribution was found among groups of disseminated lesions, palmoplantar syphilides, and latent syphilis (P0.05).
  5. There were 31 acquired dominant syphilis cases, 14 with congenital syphilis, 82 with acquired latent syphilis, and 1 congenital latent syphilis cases among 128 inpatients with syphilis.
    发现 12 8例梅毒患者中有后天显性梅毒 31例、先天梅毒 14例、后天潜伏梅毒 82例、先天性潜伏梅毒 1例 ;
  6. Keywords Latent syphilis;Cerebrospinal fluid;Treponemal antibodies tests;

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