kernel space

  • 核心空间

kernel space的用法和样例:


  1. All the work is transparently done in the kernel space.
  2. As we discussed earlier, UML also has the capabilities to capture all TTY activity from kernel space.
    当我们更早地讨论的时候,UML 也有能力捕获来自核心空间的所有 TTY 活动。
  3. Because openMosix lives entirely in kernel space, coLinux simply loads the guest kernel image as usual and works as described above.
  4. NOTE For our purposes, think of a linker file as an usher (or escort) for one or more kernel modules, guiding them into kernel space.
  5. We guarantee its real time character through two vital technologies which named "real time TCP transfer method based on separator" and "block data exchange mechanism between kernel space and user space based on address mapping".
  6. Ensuring the full integration comes together, patches don't conflict in both kernel and userspace.Core Linux integration skills mostly in kernel space since userspace is a blackbox with Android.
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