inspection data

  • 检测数据

inspection data的用法和样例:


  1. Responsible to input the inspection data of finished product, prepare the test report, sample for customers, to release final products.
  2. The milling process of X65 pipe steel and the inspection data of mechanical properties (tensile strength, DWTT and hardness)are introduced in detail.
  3. PTC pipeline MFL(Magnetic Flux Leak)inspection data display and analysis system can be used in displaying,analyzing and processing the data about pipeline.
  4. In the process researching the reservoirs in Hongtai area,which is based on the casting and conventional thin section inspection data,many intragranular fractures are found.
  5. In accordance with the inspection data from the R ailway Ministry's catenary inspection car, the paper analyzed causes the hardpoi nt rose, and put forward some corresponding improving measures.
  6. From checkups from the departments of the inspection data, a staggering statistics tell people that, in the past to complete the majority of the hymen, and now, the proportion of total disagreement.
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