initiator codon

  • 起始密码子,起始密码

initiator codon的用法和样例:


  1. Using the home-made Perl programs, we extracted the concerned bases upstream and downstream of both the initiator codon and the stop codon for analysis.
  2. The complete VP1 gene of CVB2 Yunnan strain had a total length of 846bp and without initiator codon and terminator codon. The highest similarity of VP1 gene with Ohio 1 strain(GenBank logging number:AF081312) nucleotide and amino acid sequence was 98% .
  3. The initiation codon represents the first amino acid, N-formyl methionine, at the N terminus of the polypeptide.
  4. A vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism in the translation initiation codon: effect on prote in activity and relation to bone mineral density in Japanese women.
  5. A deletion of adenosine (A), at -241 (relative to initiation codon ATG), designated as Del(A) allele, was found in Laiwu compared with Yorkshire (GenBank accession number DQ463321-22).
    克隆了猪DGAT1 5’调控区的部分序列(737 bp),在-241bp(相对于起始密码子ATG)发现一处由单个腺嘌呤(A)缺失产生的新SNP位点(定义为等位基因Del(A) ) (GenBank收录号:DQ463321-22);
  6. Effect of the Flanking Sequence Architecture of AUG,a Initiator Codon on Gene Expression Level in Rice

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