index server

  • 索引服务器

index server的用法和样例:


  1. In this page, the features and the processes of making index of Microsoft Index Server 2.0 are described simply, the techniques for realizing an Intranet search engine based on index server are introduced in detail.
    本文对Microsoft公司的最新服务器产品 Index Server 2.;0的特点及其索引编制过程作了简单描述,详细介绍了基于 IndexServer 2
  2. To improve performance of your full-text indexing server, move the property store database files to your RAID array.
  3. The SQL full-text syntax supported by Indexing Service is defined in the Index Server Programmer's Guide found either on the Microsoft Development Network or in the Indexing Service documentation.
    索引服务支持的SQL全文语法在《索引服务器程序员的指南》中定义;该指南可在Microsoft Development Network或Windows NT 4.;0 Option Pack的索引服务文档中找到。
  4. The content inside the index servers is similar to the index in the back of a book - it tells which pages contain the words that match the query.
  5. The Implementation of a Search Engine Based on Index Server
    基于Index Server的内部网搜索引擎实现技术
  6. The index is at the back (of the book).

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