index rebuild

  • 重建索引

index rebuild的用法和样例:


  1. These values provide a rough guideline for determining the point at which you should switch between ALTER INDEX REORGANIZE and ALTER INDEX REBUILD.
    这些值提供了一个大致指导原则,用于确定应在ALTER INDEX REORGANIZE和ALTER INDEX REBUILD之间进行切换的点。
  2. Use the ALTER INDEX REBUILD statement with the ONLINE option to perform an index rebuild online, or to control the degree of parallelism during the index rebuild operation.
    使用具有ONLINE选项的ALTER INDEX REBUILD语句执行联机索引重新生成,或控制索引重新生成操作期间的并行度。
  3. On multiprocessor computers, just like other queries do, ALTER INDEX REBUILD automatically uses more processors to perform the scan and sort operations that are associated with modifying the index.
    在多处理器计算机中,就像其他查询那样,ALTER INDEX REBUILD自动使用更多处理器来执行与修改索引相关联的扫描和排序操作。
  4. DROP INDEX new heap rebuild (if applicable).
    DROP INDEX新堆重新生成(如果适用)。
  5. The index is at the back (of the book).
  6. Automatic modification of the index register.

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