index algorithm

  • 索引

index algorithm的用法和样例:


  1. Using the shortest path distance to replace the distance between two nodes measured by Brownian particles, we present a dissimilarity index algorithm based on the shortest path.
  2. This new approach adopts a grid-based line index algorithm which can facilitate the calculation of intersection points for lines, hence the speed of calculating NFP is significantly increased.
  3. A model of a sustainability index as an evaluation tool that combines economic, social and environmental criteria into an indexing algorithm is presented and described.
  4. URL indexing is implemented by indexing the URL checksums. A URL index database, which has two indexing algorithm, Hash and B+ tree, is built based on Berkeley DB. It satisfies the needs of the parallel crawler. DNS caching is a client cache method.
    URL索引采用了索引散列值的方法,基于Berkeley DB实现了Hash和B+树两种URL索引库,满足了爬行器快速查找URL的需要,为其正常运行提供了保障。
  5. Bridged packets use the random algorithm for broadcasts and mu lti-casts, and the indexed algorithm for all other bridged traffic.
  6. index algorithm of acceleration/deceleration

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