helical flow

  • 螺线流

helical flow的用法和样例:


  1. In sum, in the case of laminar flow, the outside helical flow would have a little influence on MF of purity water.
  2. Cui Haiqing,Liu Xisheng.Velocity distribution of helical flow of non Newtonian fluid in eccentric annuli[J].Acta Petrolei Sinica,1996,17(2):76-83.
  3. Adopting helical flow displacement theory can overcome the disadvantage and greatly improve the displacement efficiency.
  4. In order to research into the flow characteristic of power law fluid's helical flow in concentric annulus,an experimental model was established.
  5. Using the estalished theory of eccentric annulus laminar helical flow of Binghamfluid, numeral simulation of the field of laminar axial flow of Bingham fluid in eccentricannulus is accomplished.
  6. Helical flow in the annular is a common flow pattern in drilling, and it is an important engineering problem for fast and accurate calculating of the flow field and pressure gradient.
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