heaven and man

  • 天人

heaven and man的用法和样例:


  1. Oneness between heaven and man is not only an important philosophical proposition but also constitutes a mode of thought in Chinese philosophy.
  2. The thought of "the union of heaven and man" in the native culture will be the main theme in conducting the philosophy and social science system with Sinicism.
  3. Both Mencius and Xun Zi had considered non-connection between heaven and man, and the unity of the Heaven and man; but they were in different degrees of actions.
  4. Neither the Chinese "the Unity of Heaven and Man" nor the western "the Distinctiveness of Heaven and Man" deals with the harmonious development of human and nature.
  5. Moreover, some scholars equate the theory to another that man is an integral part of nature and inquire constantly into the meaning of the theory heaven and man unite as one to resolve the present environmental crisis.
  6. However, the metaphysical pursuit of Chinese art is based upon the premise of the union heaven and man, which leads to super?perceptional but still natural "Dao" instead of religion and theology through transcending "physical phenomena".

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