hammer dulcimer

  • 洋琴, 扬琴

hammer dulcimer的用法和样例:


  1. Paul Mercer (violin), Regeana Morris (voice, hammered dulcimer), Nick Pagan (keyboards), Chandler Rentz (percussion, bass guitar) and Damon Young (guitar, tanpura).
    来自美国亚特兰大1995年成立5人乐队的The Changelings(矮人)是一支别致的组合.
  2. An early known version of this instrument in Arabia was called the "Kannun".Today an instrument in wide use of this same family is the Hammered Dulcimer.
    商品描述: The Cimbalom is a musical instrument of the Hungarian Gypsies; and may be tracked back in history to the Orient and the Middle East.
  3. Contemporary Instrumental: Piano, Flute, Cello, Violin, Electric / Acoustic Guitar With Rhythmic Hand Percussion Accented By The Hammered Dulcimer And Placed In Lush Orchestral Arrangements.
  4. A very nice set of glasses came under the hammer yesterday.
  5. The teacher has been trying to hammer in the facts.
  6. The mason was chipping away at the rock with a hammer.

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